General Information



Pinkies second appearance

Friends: Midgit3000,Green

Frienemies:Nurse batovn,Blockhead



Debut Season:Season 1

Appearances in total:12

Main Information

The First female in the series, she used to be a queen, but now she isn't, she plays protagnist roles




Green-In her first appearance, she watched Green murder a hater alongside Blockhead, the latter asking why he has a gun in the first place,while Pinky was gasping

Blockhead-She talks about blockhead, and has insulted his singing (Whom a pink hater took the blame for and the Pink hater was killed) and has defended midgit3000 from one of blockheads insults towards the former,She was invited to the wiki party though

Midgit3000-They are seemingly a couple,both have talked about their origins (Pinkies first, Midgit3000's later) and they are the focus of season 2, Pinky knows how old Midgit3000 is, due to the fact that he said "13 years ago" when he was created at that time

Nurse batovn-She enjoys calling her nurse bat****, which has lead the nurse to dislike Pinky

Nurse dog****dung-She has possably met this nurse off-screen (or comic, whatever) due to the fact that midgit3000 had an appointment with his nurse (to the nurse's annoyance) and it is possible that she was with midgit3000

Blockheads mom-She has yet to meet blockheads mother


In Little Big Planet 3, Pinky seems to have a Shared name with one of the characters in that game, not to mention that the Pinky in LBP3 is a queen, Pinky is a former queen...Awkward

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