Nurse Batovn
Nurse bat

Batovn's current appearance

Friends: Blockhead
Friemies: Pinky,Midgit3000
Ememies: None
Age: Unknown
Debut Season: Season 2
Appearances in total:


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General information

Nurse Batovn (Called bat**** by Pinky) is a secondary character, first appearing in Comic Eight (Season two), she seemingly used to be a mentor of Pinky


Season 2

8-Pinkies old home

In this episode, she ends up hearing voices (Pinky and Midgit3000) and comes to check said voices out, and finds Pinky and Midgit3000, Pinky greets her and calls Batovn her nickname (Bat****) just to annoy her

13-Picnic of a new Wiki

Blockhead the running

Blockhead the Running Part three

Season 3

14-Easter specal

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