Midgit3000's current appearance

Basic information

Midgit clone 3000, or shortened alot to Midgit3000 is a clone of Green, he seems to be the same, but he has one diffrence that easily degusnishes him from Green..He has blue eyes,while green has black with red pupils in them.His grammar has changed alot through out the series,starting with rubbish grammar, then formal talk, then shouting constantly, then back to formal,his appearance has changed once, in waterpaint world part 2, his mouth actually turned into something of an organic lifeform,which he wanted for possably quite a while,he is the only character with a revialed age, due to comic 12, which labeled his origins at a factory 13 years ago in Greens world making him 13 years of age

Comic Appearances

Season 1

1-The Pilot


4-Attack of the haters part 2

5-Greens house

Waterpaint world saga

Waterpaint world 1,2,3 & 4

Season 2

7-Talk,talk & more talk

8-Pinkys old home

10-Haters Chasing and making stupid theories


12-Midgit3000 origin

Blockhead the running

Blockhead the running part one

Blockhead the running part two

Blockhead the running part three

Pivot movie appearances

Haters plan part 2


Green-He seems to like Greens "Hair", he first met Green at a factory,they were friends sence, he seems to be oblivious that he had a blame put on him by Green

Blockhead-Midgit3000 doesn't seem to shout back at blockhead everytime he is insulted by him, but has however shown off just to annoy blockhead (His better singing skills,thinks chuck norris is awesome,etc),however Blockhead invited him to the wiki party, which ends with a Morgan Freeman Rave (He took part alongside Nurse batovn and blockhead) Midgit3000 also allowed Blockhead to hide in his house, only for the latter to be found, Midgit3000 got an RPG and saved Blockhead from his termination

Pinky-Midgit3000 and Pinky are seemingly a couple, as shown at the end of waterpaint world saga, and they have chatted about their origins (Pinkys coming first, then midgit3000's later) this is due to the fact that both are the focus of season 2, he does what he can to ensure Pinkies safety (shown in comic 10), even if it means the shooting of a gun

Nurse batovn-Midgit3000 has butt-in during a conversation between Pinky and Nurse batovn saying that he calls his nurse dog****dung, in which batovn went off and called the hospital (probably because thinks Pinkys humour of thinking midgit3000 calling his nurse "dog****dung" is hilarious) At the wiki party,The nurse joins Midgit3000 and blockhead in their morgan freeman rave

Nurse dog****dung-She seems to be annoyed by the fact that midgit3000 constantly uses "dog****dung" to nickname her

Blockheads mom-Midgit3000 has spotted blockheads mom in terminator mode, the latter braking through the former's wall of his house, and confronted her alongside blockhead, Blockheads mom failed to destroy blockhead due to the fact Midgit3000 interupted with a kick, then he went ahead and fired a RPG at Blockheads mom, the latter surviving and going off find a theripist to solve "anger problems" basiclly (She says "I'd better go off to see a theripist so i can be sure that my anger is more controlled" which basiclly boils down to anger problems) 

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