Greens current appearance

Friends: Midgit3000,Pinky,Nurse batovn
Ememies: Hators
Friemies: Blockhead
Age: Unknown
Debut Season: Season 1
Appearances in total: 15

Main information

Green is a character who mainly plays a protaganist role, he has rarely played an antagonist role


Season one

Comic one-The pilot

Greens role as a antagonist or protaganist is debatable, in this episode, nothing much happens but a chat with Blockhead and Midgit3000, this is Greens first appearance, as such with all the main characters (Except Pinky, who was introduced later)

Comic two-Haircuts

Green is the main protagasnist in this episode, in this episode he seems to have a gun on him, and has used to kill a hator, he then ends up having a compilment about his "hair"

Comic three-Attack of the Haters part one

Green is yet again the main protaganest, as he is for the whole season, he is being chased by hators (In this comics making the hators were called haters) and ends up in blockhead's house, only for the horde to brake in

Comic Four-Attack of the Haters part two

Green is not the main protaganst in this one, (Actually it can be confusing, but green has one panel, and so does blockhead, so midgit3000 is probably the main protaganist) but he is seen running from blockhead, and thats it for his appearance

Comic Five-Green's house

Green mainly introduces the readers to the characters, in this episode, Green ends up killing a hator and stopping an arguement, the fourth wall is broken by quiet a few characters, Midgit3000 mostly, Green, along with Blockhead,Midgit3000 and Pinky, are the main protaganists

Comic Six-Haters plan part one

Green is the main protaganist in this one, he desides to stop the hators from destroying the Green Lush Grass

Season two

Comic Seven-Talk,talk and more talk

Green plays a minor role in this, as he only talks to blockhead

Comic Nine-Arrival of news

Green only points out that midgit3000 is the only good clone and the fact that the hators genders look exactly the same (In other words, Male and Female Hators are hard to deguinsuish)

Comic Eleiven-Coldness

Green barely says anything in this episode, only saying one line and thats all

Comic Tweive-Midgit3000 origin

Green is somewhat of a antagonist for the first time here, again only saying one line and thats all

Comic Thirteen-Picnic of a new wiki

Green again has only one line, but appears in three panels, he has a drink and falls uncontious and thats his whole appearance

Season Three

Comic Fourteen-Easter specal

Green, alongside Midgit3000,Pinky,Nurse Batovn and a fan-boyee annoy blockhead about easter, he appears in two panels

Pivot movies

Hators plan part two/Hators plan movie

Green plays the main protaganist alongside Blockhead and Midgit3000, they fight against Hators in a bid to stop them from destroying the Green Grass forever, Green Is defeated twice in this episode, once by a yellow hator and again by a pink hator, however, the Yellow hator was killed by Midgit3000 and the Pink hator was killed by blockhead with a suprise attack


Greens wig

Green was the only character in this, basiclly making him the main protaganist, all he does is pick up a wig, leading to comic one, he also revials that he was the one dessembled blockhead, singing about it as he goes


Green appears in the last panel, seemingly drinking again, he has a bruse on his head, this bruse was caused by Blockhead after the easter specal


Green has a twitter account, and a youtube account

Green has never appeared in a standalone series

Green has the most appearances in the fillers so far

Green has a known relative that has only been mentioned by Blockheads mom

Green was abused when he was younger

Green has rarely played a antagonist role

  • Or never if you don't count Comic twelve

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