Default Colour (Or Color) Hator
Default Colour Hator

How Default Colour hator would have looked if he featured in a comic strip

Friends: Hators
Ememies: Green,Blockhead,Midgit3000,Rebel Hators
Friemies: None
Age: Unknown
Debut Season: Pivot Movies
Appearances in total: 5

Main InformationEdit

The Default Colour Hator is the main antagonist of the Pivot Movies, appearing in Five in total, he was killed by Green in Hators Plan two, and eradicated by an explosion from the core, alongside a revolver, he also has an ablity called "Shadow Walk", oh and he has a full power form...


Pivot MoviesEdit

Hators Plan Movie/Hators plan one part twoEdit

The Default Colour Hator made his first appearance here,his entrance was his Shadow Walk ablity, he fought Midgit3000, he went into full power state and attempted to eradicate Midgit3000 with a blast, but failed and was defeated from a beam that Midgit3000 shot at him,he procceded to use his shadow walk abilty. He then looked on ahead at Midgit3000 before using his shadow walk ablity again to seemingly run away

Rebel Hator Saga part twoEdit

The Default Colour hator here appeared holding Blockhead, who was seemingly defeated by him. However, the Rebel hator fired a blast at the Default Colour hator that caused him to let go of blockhead, and he then used his shadow walk to get behind the Rebel Hator and Blockhead, but was merely knocked away by the Rebel Hator, he then was blasted to the face, seemingly dying (but really he just used his shadow walk to escape)

Rebel Hator Saga part fourEdit

The Default Colour hator attacked the treo of Hators in this one, at first starting in his regular form, after being hit by a beam which seemingly killed him, he showed that he shadow walked out the way, showing how he lives being beamed to the face, he procceds to play his trump card, his full power form, and transforms into it, he grabs the Male White Rebel Hators leg, and procceded to convert the Orange Rebel Hator into a regular yellow hator, he is backed of by a beam from the Female White Rebel Hator

??? (A preview)Edit

Being the only character in this, he grabs a phone and seemingly has a boss, he then restores the core to its former self, setting the stage for the next Pivot movie...

Hators plan twoEdit

Being the main antagonist, the Default Rebel Hator fought against Green and Midgit3000, he transformed after midgit3000 hit him, he then blasted Midgit3000 away and attempted to kill Green with a beam, Green dodged however and killed him by shootting him in the head and then sending his body into the core with a revolver,eradicating Both the Default Colour Hators corpse and a discarded Revolver that Green had


Judging from his design in the portrat, it shows that he would have been the only character with a gray outline instead of the black outline that everyone has, probably due to the fact that his skin colour is litrally Black (Not Brown, ACUTAL BLACK)

Default Colour Hator has managed to fake death a total of three times, all of them are due to beams

Default Colour Hator has never appeared in a comic

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