The characters of the series


If the first letter of the for main characters names are arranged into this:BGMP,it spells "BackGround Music Punk" 

Seemingly, in comic 12, which was (mostly) set before comic 1, Green seemed to have his current appearance instead of his one in panel 1 of comic 1, in the first filler, it shows he found a wig on the floor, leading up to his appearance in panel one of comic one

Blockhead has watched the Evan almighty film, he has also watched the Bruce almighty film

Blockhead,Midgit3000 and Nurse batovn are fans of Morgan Freeman, as shown in comic 13 which was the season 2 finallie

Midgit3000 has watched the "Bruce almighty" film

All main characters have a twitter account, their twitter names are:

  • Green:@A_Green_thing
  • Blockhead:@Blockhaeda
  • Midgit3000:Litrally @Midgit3000 (The only one that can use their actual name)
  • Pinky:@Pankyly

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