Blockheads current appearance

Friends: Nurse batovn

,Nurse ???

Ememies: Hators
Friemies: Green,Midgit3000,Pinky
Age: Unknown
Debut season: Season 1
Appearances in total:

General Information

Blockhead is mainly a protaganist in the series, he has yet to play a antagonist


Season 1

Comic one-Pilot

Blockheads role in this episode is debatable, much like Greens role, but it seems he was a victim of being dissembled by Green, and has come to yell at him for it,he then meets one of his main ememies:Midgit3000 then procceding to quit his "Job"

Comic three-Attack of the Haters part one

Blockhead in this episode appears as a Protaganist, helping Green with his problem, which later revials to be a angry mob of Hators, finding out that Greens least favoruite colour is perple, his house was then invaded by a horde of angry Hators, which blockhead gets angry at and rages

Comic four-Attack of the Haters part two

Taking place where comic three left off,Blockhead announces that he will kill all the hators, and starts a killing spree, this is where blockheads appearance in this comic ends, as it then cuts to Midgit3000

Comic Five-Greens house

Blockhead introduces himself in this comic (His name being revialed by green though) and was apparently oblivious to the fact Green owns a gun, he then shouts at midgit3000 for saying chuck norris is better, and procceds to say Bruce lee is better, Green ends up braking the arguement, showing the one of the few times Green has actually shouted angerily, some of the characters brake the fourth wall in this comic

Waterpaint world

Waterpaint world Part two

Blockhead appears after Pinky insults his singing, however, instead of having a green pupil, he has a blue pupil instead, marking his current appearance in recent comics, oh and he killed a Pink Hator

Waterpaint world Part three

Blockhead Appears in one panel of the comic, raging at the fact midgit3000 has finally somewhat become organic, and thats all

Waterpaint world Finallie

Blockhead appears again in this comic, after the core blows up, he says outloud he hates "that stupid midgit" (Midgit3000) and is proccedingly cussed at by Pinky, who swears for the first time, after that, he leaves them

Season two

Comic seven-talk,talk and more talk

Blockhead appears in the bottom five panels, and ends up finding out Green was aware of the pairing that is Midgit3000 and Pinky, he says he knows about the pairing (He was there, see waterpaint world) and Green states that hes hating (Referencing how blockhead hates midgit3000 at this point), Blockhead procceds to leave Greens house

Comic nine-Arrival of news

Blockhead is at a hospital, with his mother arriving to tell him news about Midgit2000 being destroyed (Which ties in with Rebel Hator saga), blockhead replies with the fact that the Rebel Hator did it, as he rebeled against his group,also he brings up the topic of gendered hators, revialing the Hators are not Genderless, and ends the comic off with mentioning the fact pinky calls her nurse (Nurse batovn) Bat****

Comic eleven-Coldness

Blockhead appears complaining about the cold, and then procceds to kill a snowman for his appearance

Comic Thirteen-Wiki Special

Blockhead appears to be attending a party (Which it is revialed that he is the host of the party in the next standalone) and states that he knows about Greens aliergy to peanut butter, and also seemingly touches Green while he lays down, passed out, he also shows to be a fan of morgan freeman

Blockhead the running

Blockhead the running part one

Blockhead is seemingly running away from his mother, who is trying to kill him, he procceds to tell midgit3000 what the reason was (for not inviting her to the party), and the reason he didn't invite her because that blockheads mother uses Crack

Blockhead the running part two

Blockhead appears later on in the comic, exclaiming that his mother is insane, Blockheads mother then proccedingly destroys the wall (and a window) of midgit3000's house, and he gets ready to defend himself

Blockhead the running part three

Blockhead ends up fighting his mother in this comic, eventually he is defeated, but is saved from death by Midgit3000

Season 3

Comic fourteen-Easter Special

Blockhead is the victim of being annoyed crazyily by the other characters (exept Blockheads mother, who was in jail at the time), and appears most frequently in the comic

Comic fiveteen-Blockheads visit

Blockhead visits his mother in jail, and they talk about Greens father, who apparently abused Green when he was younger, but before that, Blockhead met Nurse dog****dung on his way to the prison, and it is revialed blockhead has assluted Green, it also shows midgit3000 in prison during this episode

Pivot Movies

Hators plan one part two/Hators plan movie

Blockhead, alongside Midgit3000 and Green, are main protaginists in this movie, they all have one mission, to destroy the Grass sucking core, Blockhead and Green fight their way through Hators, both end up being defeated by a Yellow Hator, inwhich all of a sudden, Midgit3000 appeared and killed said Hator rather easyily (Implying that Midgit3000 is stronger than Blockhead and Green), Blockhead and Green next appear to assist Midgit3000 in fighting a Pink Hator, who desimates them, until blockhead suprises the hator with a beam, and procceds to destroy the core

Rebel Hator Saga part one

He fought against the to-be rebel hator and lost, but put up more of a fight this time, implying he grew stronger since the events of Hators plan one

Rebel Hator Saga part two

Blockhead appears being held by the Default Colour Hator, implying that he was defeated by the latter, but is saved by the Rebel Hator, who procceds to blast the Default Colour Hator after blockhead leaves

Hators plan two:Revengeance

Blockhead appears as a protaginst in this one, he follows Green into the first room after clearing the enterance of Hators, and procceds to throw a cowardly female one into the ceiling, who survives the attack, he is later seen going the opposite direction, possably to represnt he can't be bothered anymore to stop the core, as that ends his appearance in the movie


"Blockheads mom spots blockhead partying"

Blockhead does not have a speaking role, but he is seen in the middle panel, partying, to show this takes place during comic 13


Blockhead has a twitter account

Blockhead has his own youtube series on the Greens adventure channel (Blockhead plays)

According to Pinky,Midgit3000, and Green (On twitter), He is gay, but blockhead has constantly denied this, and has even called the others gay, there is a tweet that says hes gay, but this was posted by Green to humilate him, not Blockhead

Blockhead is one of the two characters with no legs, and only a single eye, the other being Blockheads Mother

Blockhead seems to be ragey, according to his friends, and has even showed it

Blockhead is the only character of the main characters to be Friememies with them, and vice versa

Blockhead has shown signs of mechanical things, such as being dissembled by Green

Blockhead has also shown signs of Organic Creature things, such as having a mother and blushing (Ablit it is blue though)

When blockhead is blushing, his cheeks turn Blue, not red, unlike the rest of the characters that have blushed

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